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In one form or another, contracts are the basis for all business transactions. If you or your business is involved in a dispute over a breached contract, you should seek experienced, thorough, thoughtful representation. A lawsuit requires an efficient, focused approach to obtain the best results. Whether your case is a simple breach of contract, or a complex matter involving claims and counterclaims, Laird Law provides sophisticated representation focused on clients’ goals.

Laird Law provides effective, assertive, results-oriented representation in conflicts involving breach of contract, including:


Arizona contract law is complex, with nuances that can affect the outcome of a dispute. Under Arizona law, when the parties dispute the meaning of contract language, the judge reviews evidence presented by the parties to determine whether the contract language is “reasonably susceptible” to the interpretation asserted by its proponent. If, based on the evidence presented, the judge determines that the language is “reasonably susceptible to the interpretation asserted, the evidence is admissible, and is presented to the jury, to determine the meaning intended by the parties. Taylor v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 175 Ariz. 148, 154, 854 P.2d 1134, 1140 (1993). Arizona law also has byzantine rules that may dramatically affect claims for damages. The Arizona Supreme Court has held that clauses in certain professional contracts limiting the professional’s liability to the amount of fees paid under the contract are enforceable. 1800 Ocotillo, LLC v. WLB Group, Inc., 219 Ariz. 200, 202, 196 P.3d 222, 224 (2008). Under the Economic Loss Rule, plaintiffs in most cases, including a claim against an architect for negligent design, are limited to contractual remedies when the damages cause economic loss but no physical injury to persons or property. Flagstaff Affordable Hous. Ltd. P'ship v. Design Alliance, Inc., 223 Ariz. 320, 321, 223 P.3d 664, 665 (2010) [Flagstaff Affordable Hous. Ltd. P'ship v. Design Alliance, Inc. Flagstaff Affordable Hous. Ltd. P'ship v. Design Alliance, Inc.


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Technical distinctions make the difference in the final result of a lawsuit. The Laird Law Firm provides sophisticated, experienced representation to guide you through the maze of your breach of contract dispute.

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